North Coal Limited

Our overriding goal is to make positive social, economic, and environmental contributions within the communities where we operate and live. We are committed to safe operations, collaboration with First Nations and local communities, sustainable land stewardship, and minimized environmental impact.

North Coal is in the advanced stages of developing the steelmaking Michel Coal project with an expected 25-year mine-life that will sustain jobs and support the local and provincial economy. Based in Sparwood, British Columbia, the Michel Coal project is located in a region with longstanding mine operations and infrastructure.

The project is currently in a joint- review approval process with the BC Environmental Assessment Office and Impact Assessment Agency of Canada.


About Us

North Coal will provide approximately 300 family-supporting jobs once operational.

We are active sponsors and volunteers in local communities.

Our team is comprised of mining and environmental professionals who live in the Elk Valley.

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Environmental Management

North Coal understands the unique challenges of operating in the Elk Valley which is why innovation and modern mine design are at the heart of everything we do.

Using mitigation-by-design, we are incorporating a multi-barrier approach of control measures that protect water, starting at the source. We are combining globally proven technologies for water quality management, dust control, and reclamation.

and Closure

Our first goal is to ensure that the land quickly returns to a place for people to hunt, fish, gather, trap, and recreate. Progressive reclamation—reclaiming as we go—is a critical component of our land stewardship strategy.

Long-term landform performance and function guide our mine design and operations; we focus on minimizing environmental impact. We must return the land to natural uses. We must consider closure from the very beginning, to ensure we plan for and return to natural land uses.

Members of the Ktunaxa furbearers study group prepare to go onsite.

Community Engagement

North Coal is committed to keeping all interested parties informed about our project and its progress so we can develop in a sustainable manner with input from all involved.

We will host open houses and working sessions to support the Environmental Assessment process and provide public updates.

We are working closely with the Ktunaxa First Nation and local communities to develop a mine that meets the needs of current and future generations.

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Our Values

We are innovative in our mining, environmental management and reclamation designs. Innovation must be embraced if we are to do better than yesterday.

We are transparent in our operations. Engagement, listening and responding to our stakeholders and partners is critical to our success.

We are accountable for our actions. We engage with and listen to our First Nation partners and local communities. This is demonstrated in our day-to-day actions and plans for the future.

Steel production.
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About Steel

North Coal will exclusively produce metallurgical coal for steel production. Steel is the most used metal in the world. From highways to household appliances, steel is everywhere in our lives. The coal we extract will be used to create steel that then becomes roads, bridges, trains, windmills, hospitals, schools, cars, and washing machines—infrastructure, buildings, and products that improve our lives.

North Coal is committed to sustainable mining. From exploration to extraction to reclamation, we use innovation based on science to minimize and eliminate our effect on waterways, wildlife corridors, and air. Our techniques include proven bottom-up mine rock storage designs and saturated rock fills to mitigate selenium leaching. Early and progressive reclamation will see the land quickly return to many natural uses. North Coal is committed to producing steel-making coal for the transition to tomorrow’s sustainable future while leaving the smallest footprint possible. When we know better, we must do better.

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We invite you to watch our video and learn more about the North Coal Michel Coal Project and who we are.