North Coal chatted with Mike O’kane from the Landform Design Institute.

Mike O’Kane, board director for the Landform Design Institute speaks with North Coal president John Pumphrey and First Nations Coordinator Robert “Stubby” Williams.

About the podcast

Pandemic podcasting has its merits thanks to videoconferencing tools. But as anyone involved in mining knows, there’s nothing to compare with onsite inspection.

So, with some careful social distancing, Mike O’Kane took the Getting Closure podcast to the Elk Valley in southeastern British Columbia for its fifth episode — the first to include a video record — to explore a mine that’s already embraced the basics of landform design. Mike talks with John Pumphrey, the president of North Coal, and Robert “Stubby” Williams, the company’s First Nations coordinator. They discuss how North Coal has prioritized collaboration and Indigenous and community concerns, and why they chose not to mine a particularly sensitive area.

This video is the second half of an interview on how North Coal started with landform design at the beginning of mine planning.
You can hear the whole podcast here.