The Qukin Nukiy Bursary is a new program announced by North Coal designed to support Indigenous Youth pursuing post-secondary education opportunities. The bursary is a student-focused program designed to provide financial support to Ktunaxa youth. Along with funding for educational studies, when possible, North Coal will provide co-op opportunities for recipients. There are two bursaries available—one for a student attending college or university and a second for a student completing a trade certificate. Each bursary is worth $5,000.

North Coal will work with the bands of the Ktunaxa Nation to distribute the bursary. Qukin Nukiy translates to Raven’s Rock. It is the Ktunaxa word used for coal and North Coal thanks the Ktunaxa Traditional Knowledge & Language Working Group for approving the bursary name.

The bursary was announced at the Yaq̓it ʔa·knuqⱡi ‘it Indigenous Day celebrations. Nasuʔkin (Chief) Heidi Gravelle stated that “we are very pleased to hear about the bursary opportunity offered through North Coal for a post-secondary and a trade’s student to each receive $5,000.00.  We are proud of all of our students and understand the struggles that students face when it comes to funding barriers and making ends meet while attending post-secondary or trade institutions.  As a previous student, I remember working part-time, while being pregnant with a young child attending school full-time to make ends meet and it still was barely enough.  It is not the desired situation for our students. Any bursaries and opportunities for our students to find financial relief is always great news.  The barriers that First Nations Students face are still undeniably unfortunate, and being provided this opportunity, for our students to apply for a bursary is positive and we are grateful.  It is especially exciting to see trades included, you typically see Nursing student bursaries, Medical student bursaries, Law student bursaries but it is very rare you see opportunities for trade bursaries.  Ensuring that all our students have equal opportunity to advance their education be it post-secondary or trades is the ultimate goal.”

Those interested in learning more are invited to contact North Coal’s Indigenous Relations and Education coordinator Jonathan Brewer for more details at