Environmental Policy

North Coal is committed to excellence in environmental performance. We manage our operations in a manner that is resource-efficient, minimizes our impact upon the environment and work closely with our communities and Indigenous people to ensure their values are reflected in our practices.

Environmental management, both during and after operations, is a key element of North Coal’s business philosophy. At all stages of development, there is a commitment to ensuring that any potential risks to the environment are identified and suitable controls put in place to mitigate their effects. At all times, North Coal will comply with all applicable environmental laws, regulations, and requirements


First Nations

North Coal acknowledges that its proposed project is within the asserted traditional territory of the Ktunaxa Nation and may also be of interest to other Bands and Nations.

North Coal is committed to working with the leadership and knowledge-holders of the Ktunaxa Nation regarding their interests, concerns, values and policy objectives. North Coal values innovation through partnership and has committed the resources to collaborate with the Ktunaxa Nation.

North Coal has entered into an engagement agreement with the Ktunaxa Nation Council to establish a reliable process and framework for the Ktunaxa to participate in the proposed Michel Coal Project.

We recognize our obligation to inform and involve the Ktunaxa in our proposed mining project in a transparent and respectful manner that addresses their traditional, cultural, economic and social values and interests.

Indigenous Peoples Policy

North Coal is committed to the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and is dedicated to growing and promoting constructive relationships that define shared values and priorities.

On Ktunaxa Lands is an introduction to ʔamakʔis Ktunaxa and is shared as part of North Coal’s acknowledgment to the lands on which our project sits.
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North Coal thanks the Ktunaxa for sharing this knowledge with us.

Diversity and Inclusion

North Coal is committed to an equitable, diverse, and inclusive workplace that embraces the uniqueness of individuals. Diverse and inclusive teams have a positive impact on our operations and lead to a better company. It is also important for our team to reflect the diversity of the communities and stakeholders we work with.

Workplace diversity is understanding, accepting, and valuing differences between people; differences including age, ethnicity, Indigenous origin or heritage, gender, physical attributes, beliefs, language, sexual orientation, education, and experience. Workplace inclusion builds a collaborative, supportive, and respectful environment that increases the participation and contribution of all employees.

North Coal is and will continue to be a diverse and inclusive place of employment. We are constantly learning and evolving to be more inclusive of all individuals. We believe all employees deserve a work environment that values and respects individuals for their talents, skills, and abilities and that such an environment benefits the collective.


We believe in investing in communities. Through the donation of time, talents, and dollars, our team gives back to the communities in which we operate.

North Coal supports community initiatives, events, and programming that make the places we live better. Initiatives include amateur sports, rod and gun clubs, fish and wildlife organizations, chambers of commerce, service groups, and more.

Healthy, vibrant communities and collaborative partnerships are fundamental to the ongoing success of North Coal. If you’d like to discuss how we can collectively make our communities better places to live and work, please send us an email at

Health and Safety

North Coal operates a safe and healthy workplace, ensuring all employees and contractors are prepared and equipped to perform their work with limited health risks in an efficient manner and go home at the end of the day.

North Coal employees and contractors are responsible for conforming to safety requirements and for behaving in a way that will not cause harm. Employees and contractors have the right of refusal when they feel working conditions are unsafe.

We maintain an effective health and safety management program based on continual improvement to contribute to the well-being of employees, contractors, and communities.
Our health and safety guiding principles are:

  • No harm: All injuries and incidents are preventable by following the control hierarchy, order of control measures.
  • No Repeats: All incidents are investigated to determine the root cause and action taken to prevent a recurrence.
  • Zero Tolerance: Rules and standards must be simple and non-negotiable, with zero-tolerance enforcement.


Governance Structure

North Coal Ltd., a private company, is governed by a three-person Board of Directors (Board). The Board is responsible for setting the economic, environmental, and social strategy of the company and delegates authority to the Executive Director who oversees the implementation of economic, environmental, and social principles at the company level.

The President and team execute the mission, vision, and values endorsed by the Board. This includes consultation with stakeholders on economic, environmental, and social topics. The consultation activities are reported to the Board through monthly reports and bi-monthly board meetings. The Board reviews and signs off on the annual sustainability report.

Board of Directors

“A Deeply Experienced Team Delivering Value”

Matt Fifield, Chairman
Matt is the Chairman of North Coal and Managing Partner of Pacific Road Capital, a specialist investor in the natural resource sector with deep expertise in early-stage and mid-tier metals and mining businesses. Pacific Road Capital invests in public and private entities, centred around the themes of deep value, catalytic change, and responsibility to stakeholders and has managed two private equity funds totalling $776 million in commitments from the world’s leading asset allocators. Matt developed his investment philosophy over 20 years by working in natural resources as company founder, private capital investor, corporate executive, and mining financier. During his career, Matt has participated in over $7.5 billion of mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising in mining. He was a founding partner of Foresight Energy.

Ian Maxwell, Chief Executive Officer, and Executive Director 
Ian is North Coal’s Chief Executive Officer and an Executive Director since 2021. Ian is an Operating Partner with Pacific Road Capital, is deeply involved in the firm’s investment program, and chairs Pacific Road’s ESG Committee. Ian previously led the global coal business at BHP, and BHP’s exploration and business development group. Prior to BHP, Ian had substantial corporate mining strategy and business development experience with Rio Tinto and Anglo American, and markets-facing experience with Citigroup. Ian brings over 30 years of minerals industry experience in operations, exploration, business and project development, project finance, equities, executive leadership, risk management and ESG.

Donald McInnes, Non-executive Director
Donald is a progressive natural resource developer whose expertise is at the nexus of natural resource development and community engagement and acceptance. Over his 30 years of development experience, he has founded or cofounded numerous companies and raised over $3 billion of debt and equity. Among these was Plutonic Power, a BC based renewal energy company that had 15 development agreements with nine First Nations that led to the building of a 300 MW run of river hydro project and BC’s largest wind farm. Additionally, he was the founder / cofounder of several other Canadian mining companies that include Broden Mining, Arizona Sonoran Copper, Sun Metals, True Gold Mining, Kutcho Copper, and True North Nickel. He has a passion for public policy and served as the Chairman of the BC and Yukon Chamber of Mines for 2 years as well as the Clean Energy Association of BC for 6 years. He was a Governor of the Business Council of BC and Chairman of Prostate Cancer Canada as well as a Board member of the Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada.

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